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Professional YouTube Set Up including Search Optimization, Custom Backgrounds and Settings.

YouTube is the second most popular Search Engine in the world followed by Google.

YouTube is owned by Google and your company presence on YouTube increases your Search Engine Rankings on the Google Search Engine.

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"YouTube allows billions of people to discover, watch and share originally-created videos. YouTube provides a forum for people to connect, inform, and inspire others across the globe and acts as a distribution platform for original content creators and advertisers large and small." - YouTube, Inc.

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Custom YouTube Channel above created by Joe Griffin for Rick Derringer

YouTube Statistics as reported by YouTube, Inc.


More than 13 million hours of video were uploaded during 2010 and 35 hours of video are uploaded every minute.

The equivalent of 150,000+ full-length movies in theaters each week.
More video is uploaded to YouTube in 60 days than the 3 major US networks created in 60 years.
70% of YouTube traffic comes from outside the US.
YouTube is localized in 25 countries across 43 languages.
YouTube's demographic is broad: 18-54 years old.
YouTube reached over 700 billion playbacks in 2010.


YouTube has over 10,000 partners to date, including Disney, Turner, Univision and Channel 4 and Channel 5.
Hundreds of partners are making six figures a year.
We have over 7,000 hours of full-length movies and shows on YouTube.


YouTube is monetizing over 2 billion video views per week globally.
94 of AdAge's Top 100 advertisers have run campaigns on YouTube and the Google Display Network.
The number of advertisers using display ads on YouTube increased 10 fold in the last year.

Product Metrics

YouTube has more HD content than any other online video site (recently rated best by CNET).
10% of YouTube's videos are available in HD.

Content ID

Content ID scans over 100 years of video every day.
More than 1000 partners using Content ID, including every major US network broadcaster, movie studio and record label.
Over a third of YouTube's total monetized views come from Content ID.


Over 4 million people are connected and auto-sharing to at least one social network.
An AutoShared Tweet results in ~6 new sessions.
Over 5 million people have found and subscribed to at least one friend on YouTube using friend-finding tools.
Millions of subscriptions happen each day. Subscriptions allow you to connect with someone you're interested in—whether it's a friend, or the NBA—and keep up on their activity on the site.
Users like Machinima, MysteryGuitarMan, Fred, collegehumor, and UniversalMusicGroup have millions of subscribers
More than 50% of videos on YouTube have been rated or include comments from the community
Millions of videos are favorited every day


YouTube mobile gets over 100 million views a day.
The YouTube player is embedded across tens of millions of websites.

YouTube Demographics

70% of YouTube traffic comes from outside the U.S.

YouTube is localized in 25 countries across 43 languages.
The base age demographic for YouTube is 18-54.

YouTube Views/Usage/Content

Over 2 billion videos are viewed every day on YouTube.

YouTube Mobile receives over 100 million views per day.

In 2010, there were over 700 billion video playbacks.

94 of AdAge’s top 100 advertisers have run campaigns on YouTube.

The total number of advertisers using YouTube has increased 10-fold in the last year.

There are currently over 10,000 official partners.

1000 partners are now using Content ID to help protect their content rights and monetize the infractions of other users.

YouTube & Social Video

Over 5 million people have found and subscribed to a friend’s channel using YouTube’s friend-finding tools.

Every auto-shared tweet results in six new browsing sessions. Twitter plays an important role in how videos become popular on YouTube.

More than half the videos on YouTube have been rated or commented on by users.

Over 4 million people are connected and auto-sharing to at least one social network.

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Proven SEO Strategies

Joe Griffin’s SEO services are proven to increase online brand equity, market position, and web traffic, which results in more website actions, which can include sales, leads, white paper downloads, and membership sign-ups.

Keyword Research

Using proprietary search engine analysis tools, Joe works with clients to develop the ideal set of keyword phrases for promoting Client’s website by examining the content and business model of Client’s website and cross-references that against the most relevant search terms used by web searchers.

Search Engine Optimization

JG’s team of optimization professionals develop strategic copy that adds value to the web user experience, while more importantly improving keyword density, keyword placement, and keyword weight, which improves keyword content relevancy.

Creation of optimized websites include Title, Meta Tags, alt and div tag optimization, keyword rich body content, and internal link structures including text link navigation.

Link Building Strategies

Links from similarly themed websites drive relevant traffic to your site. Targeted traffic is more likely to convert into a sale. Additionally, search engines use links in their relevancy algorithms.

Directory Submission
Top directories for website inclusion include the Open Directory Project (DMOZ), andYahoo.