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Joe Griffin, Sr. is the mastermind behind, one of the largest filtered search engines in America and once a directory second in size only to Yahoo. Dedicated to delivering quick clean reliable filtered information through Internet data search, began as a research project in 1999 and evolved into a state of the art high performance search engine utilizing proprietary text filtering technology to provide Internet material to content minded organizations and individuals. StopDog relies on Google filtered results combined with Wikipedia and its own private database. StopDog is a free public tool and generates no revenue.

Having employed some of the best web developers from around the world, StopDog is a premier search engine of choice for individuals, educators, institutions and corporations desiring access to the world-wide-web in a safe environment. We are proud of our commitment to our users and are constantly striving to improve our functionality. It is the policy of StopDog to filter out material not suited for general audiences.

StopDog is a powerful Internet search engine which crawls the web for material it's software applications deem appropriate for viewership. Because the web is a constantly changing environment of billions of webpages, a small number of inappropriate websites may and sometimes do slip through the filtering process. We constantly strive to improve StopDog Filtered Search Engine Results.

StopDog can fulfill a website ranking request for approved keywords in seconds and in 2010, provided 2 million search requests. If you are interested in investing in StopDog, please contact:

The creation process

The process of creating the StopDog Search Engine has taken over 3,000 man hours to date. The original filtering application used an algorithm of geometric shapes and color patterning, text filters and other variables to block undesirable material. StopDog uses or has used, PHP, ASP, ASPX, AJAX, C, C#, XML, HTML, iFrames, JAVA, and Perl, while hosted on Free BSD, Linux, and Microsoft Server platforms using a MySQL database. Seven programmers have worked on StopDog whose education represents over 40 years of college. StopDog generates no revenue and it was my desire to create a free public service. "To date, I have spent in excess of $350,000 on the application, hardware and maintenance. I hope to some day bring it to its full potential. If you have a philanthropist urge, please contact me" - Joe Griffin

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Search Engine Optimization

* On Page Editing

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* Reputation Management

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Proven SEO Strategies

Joe Griffin’s SEO services are proven to increase online brand equity, market position, and web traffic, which results in more website actions, which can include sales, leads, white paper downloads, and membership sign-ups.

Keyword Research

Using proprietary search engine analysis tools, Joe works with clients to develop the ideal set of keyword phrases for promoting Client’s website by examining the content and business model of Client’s website and cross-references that against the most relevant search terms used by web searchers.

Search Engine Optimization

JG’s team of optimization professionals develop strategic copy that adds value to the web user experience, while more importantly improving keyword density, keyword placement, and keyword weight, which improves keyword content relevancy.

Creation of optimized websites include Title, Meta Tags, alt and div tag optimization, keyword rich body content, and internal link structures including text link navigation.

Link Building Strategies

Links from similarly themed websites drive relevant traffic to your site. Targeted traffic is more likely to convert into a sale. Additionally, search engines use links in their relevancy algorithms.

Directory Submission
Top directories for website inclusion include the Open Directory Project (DMOZ), andYahoo.