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Joe Griffin Sr - transcribed by K.Collins, editor

Born in Venice, Florida, I lived in the home of my Grandparents who owned the town grocery, the toy store and co-founded Venice Bank. My uncle was postmaster, my aunt was the church organist, and my mother taught school. I loved Venice and am glad to have reconnected with childhood friends, the beach, and the smell of the salt air.

Social Media MarketingHistoric Childhood Home of Joe Griffin
"This house at 208 Palermo Place in Venice is part of the Venezia Park Historic District. It has the Northern Italianate architecture that was common in Venice during the 1920s land boom." - The Herald Tribune

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While in grade school, my family moved to Brevard, N.C. which was another ideal setting for a boy. This was America at its best; a genuine “Mayberry” mountain town you might see in an old travel brochure or postcard. Mountain creeks, green pastures, blue skies and friendly people. I made many friends there and became fascinated with biology while spending my days in the appalachian mountains.

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I left Brevard in my junior year for Palatka, Florida located on the St. John's River where my father practiced dentistry and where I stayed throughout the remainder of High School, daydreaming, drawing, and surfing.

St Johns River

It is in Palatka where I first began an interest in engineering and at 17 years old was asked to assist in the design of the Palatka Waterfront Beautification Project and what became the Dr. Frederick Griffin Rotary Club Park and Amphitheater named after my late father. Palatka FloridaMy design contribution included the lighted walkways and the stone pedestals and locations of the original WWI bronze soldiers at the entrances of the new St. John's Memorial Bridge.

After High School I joined the Military, attended basic training at Ft. Leonard Wood, Missouri and Ft. Sam Houston, Texas and was then assigned to the 1st and 5th /25th Infantry Division at Schofield Barracks, Hawaii. I took advantage of my free time surfing the North Shore. I was later reassigned to Her Majesty's Royal Army where I attended the University of Cunnungra Jungle Warfare Training Centre in Queensland, Australia.

After my stay in the military, I returned to the south where I attended TCC, UNCA, and finished at UF in Science and Business Law.

After college, I moved to Dallas, Texas where I started my first business that same year. Dallas, Texas! Big hats, big hair, big oil, and big money. This was truly the emerald city for an enterprising young man and I loved and breathed it. I started my first corporation at 24 years old and later considered running for City Council of Lewisville, Texas but decided to join a growing Internet technology movement in Scottsdale, Arizona in 1993.


Within a few years, I launched, a successful internet marketing agency which I sold to a publicly traded company in 2007, (nasdaq: wwww), making my name in the Wall Street Journal.

I also created, a free public service for content minded search users.

I continue to study marketing trends and consult clients with Search Engine Placement and Social Media.

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